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Atlantic Coast Elevator Sys & Lfts.

Atlantic Coast Elevator Systems & Lifts Inc. is a first class elevator company that was established with the mission of offering the best service in innovation, repair, and maintenance of elevators. We are a full service elevator company. This company was built with the expectations to provide exceptional customer service, reliability, responsive service and quality work to commercial and residential properties throughout Florida and Southern Georgia areas.

Regardless of the brand elevator you own, before you make a long-term decision on elevator maintenance, modernization, upgrades or your elevator emergency communications needs, we encourage you to consider calling Atlantic Coast Elevator Sys & Lfts.

At Atlantic Coast Elevator System & Lifts we are setting the industry standard!
At Atlantic Coast Elevator Systems & Lifts takes an active hands-on role in every aspect of the business. Therefore we are responsible and accountable for the services provided by always offering reasonable rates. We will also guarantee competitive prices of any existing elevator company's contract price in addition to providing better service and maintenance, regardless of the brand of elevator. With that said, we are one of the most respected elevator companies in South Florida.
LULA (Limited Use, Limited Application) elevators cost-effectively increase the accessibility of a building. While LULAs are intended for limited use, they are engineered and manufactured with the same quality Atlantic Coast Elevator systems & lifts uses for our standard elevator products.

LULAs are small commercial elevators with a maximum:

  • Capacity of 635 kilograms
  • cab size of 1.67 square metres
  • speed of 0.15 metres per second
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